Peterson with large airbrushed painting

    One of the first Photorealists to emerge in New York, Denis Peterson is widely known for pioneering a splinter art movement derived from Photorealism which had routinely idealized and objectified cultural icons in somewhat detached banal frameworks. Whilst abandoning Photorealism's more traditional aesthetic conventions, he coined this new painting genre Hyperrealism. Dust to Dust is referenced on historical timelines in art history textbooks as the genesis of the Hyperrealism movement.

    Painters Estes, Peterson, Flack and Close often worked from photographic stills to create paintings that appeared to be photographs. Peterson's newer (Hyperrealist) work conveys a sense of inwardness and refective self-consciousness. Subliminal alternate realities coalesced into contemporary cultures and were boldly launched in his body of work. It differs from the idealizing, more deadpan aspects of figures in Photorealism who appeared either fetishistic or as mere individuals in the urban scene.

    His subjects are simply deserving of having their likenesses recorded as any famous persons and more importantly, of having their humanity recognized. It is not only the hierarchy of the arts this artist intends to upset, but real social paradigms, whereas the fundamental component is not necessarily the painting subject, but man's proximity to it. Peterson's collective body of work centers on the indefatigable human spirit. A radical painter, Peterson's compelling virtuosity addresses the timeless human condition with precision and with dignity.

    These socially conscious paintings are the products of an extraordinary labor of compassion. They serve as phenomenological vehicles for social change and have been lauded by museums, galleries and art collectors in Miami, NY, Southampton, DC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Hong Kong, Brussels, Zürich, Moscow, Paris, Milan, Como and London.

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