Hyperreal painting Kettle of Fish by Denis Peterson at Galerie Rive Gauche Paris


  • Painting Series:
    Walkin' NY
  • Media:
    Acrylics and Urethanes
  • Painting Method:
    Airbrush/Glazed Layers
  • Substrate:
    38"x50" Stretched Canvas
  • Signed Prints/Edition 100:
    16 Available
  • Past Exhibitions:

  • The story behind the image:

    Interesting how the red mural, neon signs and traffic lights made for a natural compostion. The browns and umbers in the natural building stone facades combined to accentuate a majestic look and, despite pedestrian traffic, a serene feel.

    Mystified how these gargantuan commercial interruptions of space appear to go unnoticed, leading one to wonder how the advertisers have determined their potential payback.

    Preparatory Drawings and Watercolors: AVAILABLE